Data Privacy
Policy Statement

A. Data Privacy Policy Statement

We naturally have a firm commitment to responsibly managing your data. The access and usage data captured when you visit this website are used by us in full compliance with the provisions of the German Data Privacy Law. This data privacy policy statement explains the extent to which Fraport AG captures and processes data that are captured when users visit FRAcademy website and what these data are used for.

1. Applicability of This Data Privacy Policy Statement

This data privacy policy statement applies to the websites, operated by Fraport AG in 60547 Frankfurt am Main (hereinafter “Fraport”) and to the services and functions (hereinafter “Services”) offered via it.

Capture and Use of Data While Using Our Services

General Information

Personal data are defined as all data that can be assigned to a certain individual (e.g. name, address, country, and e-mail address).

When you visit our website, user data are automatically captured both for providing and administering the services and for security purposes. They include, for example, the IP address that has been assigned to you by your Internet provider, the website, if any, from which you have linked to us, the pages you visit, your browser type (including the version and language), the type and attributes (e.g. screen resolution) of the device you are using to visit us, device IDs (e.g. your MAC address or a comparable ID) and information on your operating system, the date and duration of your visit, and additional information on your use of our services (e.g. searches, pages viewed, and items clicked).

All of these data are processed and used for the above-mentioned purposes and stored for a limited time. They do not permit us—except in the special cases discussed further below—to draw any conclusions about the identity of a natural person. The MAC address is only stored in anonymized form.

You may visit and use FRAcademy without registering or identifying yourself. Some services, however, require registration (e.g.receiving certificat, Fluggi).

Your data will not be divulged to any other parties unless this is essential for fulfilling the contract or safeguarding legitimate interests of Fraport, we contract other companies (e.g. technical service providers) to perform certain services or work, or we are required by law to do so (e.g. in response to official requests).

Cookies and Internet Technologies

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of your Internet browser. They permit recognition of the browser, among other things to prevent entered data from being lost during an interruption (e.g. because the Internet collection is lost) or when switching to another of our services and back again.

The data captured during use of FRAcademy are collected and stored for marketing and optimization purposes. These data can be used to create utilization profiles und pseudonyms. Cookies can be used for this.

You can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer or device by appropriately setting your browser.

The data captured with the above-mentioned technologies are not used to personally identify you as the website user unless you have explicitly given permission for this to be done, and are not merged with any personal data of the pseudonym’s user unless you have explicitly allowed us to do so in another context or it is permitted by law. At any time you may also revoke your permission and forbid Fraport to capture and process any more such data.

Use of Additional Services and Services Requiring Registration

If, after having registered, you access special information available through our services or use our feedback forms to contact us, we will process and use the data captured thereby (e.g. your e-mail address) only to the extent that is necessary to provide the service or information concerned, unless you have explicitly given us permission to use them in other ways or it is permitted by law.

Your Rights, Questions and Suggestions

You may at any time revoke permission to use your personal data for advertising purposes by sending a statement to this effect to Fraport AG, Frankfurt Airport, 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In addition, you have the right to be informed at any time about the personal data on you that Fraport has stored. Please submit requests for this information to the data privacy officer at Fraport:

Horst Beisheim
Fraport AG – VA1
60547 Frankfurt am Main

Fraport’s data privacy officer is also available to personally answer any questions you may have or listen to your suggestions for improving data privacy.

B. Special Notes on Data Privacy and Consent by Registered Users of the Airport Portal

1. General Notes on Use of Your Personal Data

(1) The following special data privacy notes deal with handling of the personal data of individuals who use FRAcademy as registered users via the website are not covered by the consent described below in number 2, and may change from time to time.

(2) In connection with registering for and using FRAcademy, you provide us with personal data (e.g. your name, address, e-mail address). We use these data—provided that you have given us special permission to do so or it is allowed by law—to meet your requests and enable you to use our services.

2. Consent to the Use of Personal Data for Customer Care and Advertising

By registering, you confirm that you have read and understood the special data privacy notes and declare your consent as follows:

(1) I hereby consent to the use of my personal data (e.g. name, address, country, email) that are provided to Fraport AG (hereinafter “Fraport”) or automatically captured by Fraport during registration for and use of FRAcademy for storing in Fraport’s tourism databases of customers, and sending me current and possibly location-based information that are normally offered there by Frankfurt Airport.

(2) I hereby give my consent for Fraport to merge personal data of mine that are provided to Fraport or automatically captured by Fraport in connection with registering for FRAcademy with other personal data of mine that have already been or will be stored in Fraport’s central databases of prospects and customers (e.g. data from my participation in special campaigns or promotions) and to use them for the previously mentioned advertising purposes.

At any time you may revoke your consent until further notice free of charge by sending a corresponding statement to Fraport AG, Frankfurt Airport, 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Such a revocation covers all of the statements made in number 2. It is not possible to revoke only some of them while the others remain in force.

Please note that revoking this consent will prevent you from continuing to use the FRAcademy as a registered user, will terminate the corresponding contractual relationships, and may subsequently cause you to be locked out and your account to be deleted.

To the extent that it is necessary to obtain declarations of consent in order to carry out advertising activities, these activities are only conducted after the relevant permissions have been obtained. The right to carry out advertising activities when they are allowed by law (e.g. by Section 28, No. 3 of the German Data Privacy Law) or sanctioned by specially obtained declarations of consent is not affected by the foregoing declaration of consent or its revocation. These data privacy notes, including the declaration of consent, can be called up and viewed in your customer account at any time.